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No slips, no more filling

Commercial Bank e-Slip app enables you to create electronic deposits on your smart phones in respect of cash and cheque deposits you make. 

Cash and cheques can now be deposited paper-free into current or savings accounts at Commercial Bank of Ceylon, following the launch of an innovative new app that generates ‘e-slips.’ For the first time in Sri Lanka an app for cheque deposits is introduced by Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC for the convenience of you.

The Essentials

  • Absolutely convenient 
  • No more slips 
  • No more standing in queues 
  • 24*7 from anywhere at anytime 

Catering to ComBank Account holders that is environment-conscious, the apps also help save time, as you can digitally fill their e-slips on the app for cash deposits or capture an image of the cheque after crossing the reverse with the words ‘Com e-Cheque’ for cheque deposits before arriving at the Bank. Depositors can also conveniently maintain a record of all their deposits in one place on the app, without the hassle of filing the receipts of their bank slips.

How to register and how it works  

After downloading the ‘ComBank e-Slips’ you can simply self-register yourself, activate your app after receiving a one-time-password (OTP), and begin your slip-less deposits. Whenever an e-slip is created the app generates a QR code which can be shown at the bank counter when the cash is handed over. After making a cheque deposit via the e-Cheque app, you or your agent is required to deposit the original cheque in a designated ‘Drop Box’ at the nearest branch within three days. Your app will be updated with the status of the cheque when the bank submits it for clearing.  

The e-Slips app provides you the facility of verifying the account numbers of recipients before making deposits, and categorising each deposit according to purpose for convenient tracking and retrieval. Each completed transaction is acknowledged with an e-receipt. 

How to make a cheque deposit 

You can only deposit one cheque per transaction via the e-Cheque app at a time, although any number of transactions can be submitted in a day. Cheques up to the value of Rs.2,000,000/-can be deposited through the app. You are also required to state the purpose of transaction in the app when depositing cheques with a value of over Rs 200,000 to a Savings Account or above Rs 500,000 to a Current Account. 

When cheques are deposited via the app for utility bill payments, for Commercial Bank Credit Card payments or to accounts with special narrations, it is mandatory to state such details on the reverse of the cheque prior to scanning it. You are also required to type in the narration in the space provided in the app for it to be processed.  

The e-receipt generated after a successful transaction will include a QR code and a reference number, and will be saved in your app with the image of the relevant cheque for a period of three months.


Terms & Conditions apply
Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.

Download ComBank e-Slip

Who can download

If you are an Android or Apple iOS user and maintain an account with Commercial Bank, you can enjoy this facility

How to download