Mobile Banking - SMS Based

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Mobile Banking - SMS Based

SMS Banking is for the busy. It's for the people on the go. It's banking at a click. It will help you keep track of your finances and offer a host of other services.

The Essentials

  • Access to your accounts at your finger tips where ever you go

  • All you need is an account at Commercial Bank and a Dialog/ Airtel/ Hutch or an Etisalat connection

  • Easy and convenient

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Applying For SMS Banking

Please collect a Mobile Banking application form, from any Commercial Bank branch or download it from this web site, fill it and submit the form to your branch.

Once the application is processed you will receive a PIN which is required to access the system. PIN would be texted to you via SMS wiht instructions.

Using SMS Banking

 Please follow the below given instructions,

Check Your Account Balance

 PIN<Space>BE<Space>01 - 01 represents the number of accounts linked
    Eg: 1234 BE 01
    Send to 8823

Get A Mini Statement

    Eg: 1234 MS 01
    Send to 8823

Check your credit card balance

    Eg: 1234 MB 01
    Send to 8823

Transfer Funds

To transfer Rs 5277.25 from No:1 account to No:2 account,

01- from account   02- to account
       Eg: 1234 TF 01 02 527725
       Send to 8823

Check Exchange Rates

     Eg: 1234 RT USD
     Send to 8823

Change Your PIN

     Eg: 1234 PC 7777 7777
     Send to 8823

Requesting For A New PIN?

A signed request is required to re set your PIN . Please forward your request letter to the nearest branch. You can also send it to us via fax or email.
Email  -
Fax    -   011-2430730

Please call on us 011-2353482 or write to for further details or inquiries.

Terms & conditions apply
Details and terms & conditions mentioned in this page may change from time to time
Please contact the nearest branch for prevailing details and terms & conditions