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Millionaire Account Millionaire Account

Millionaire Account provides you the opportunity to invest a fixed amount monthly, over a short period and be a Millionaire at the end of your deposit period.


Money Market Accounts Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts give the flexibility of a Call Deposit while retaining the high interest rate of a Time Deposit. It is mandatory that seven days notice  is given prior to withdrawals.

Treasury Bonds Treasury Bonds

Treasury Bonds are a type of investment instrument issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka through primary auctions held throughout the year.

Treasury Bills Treasury Bills

Treasury Bill is a short term investment issued through auctions conducted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on behalf of the Government.

Fixed Deposits Fixed Deposits

Placing a Fixed Deposit with Commercial Bank will fetch you one of the most attractive rates-of-interest in the market.

Call Deposits Call Deposits

If you need to place a deposit for a short period of time with a higher interest rate, Call Deposits are the best option for you.

RFC Fixed Deposits RFC Fixed Deposits

RFC or Resident Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits are for citizens or non citizens residing in Sri Lanka. You can deposit your valuable foreign currency and earn interest in the same currency.

Future Pensions Plan Future Pensions Plan

We all want to retire with a smile one day. For you to enjoy a prosperous retirement, Commercial Bank offers you Future Pensions Plan.