• Sri Lankans who have made their permanent residence overseas as in non residents

  • Citizens of Sri Lanka who have taken up overseas employment or set up business in abroad

  • Citizens of Sri Lanka with dual citizenship in Sri Lanka and in another country

  • Sri Lankan professionals living in Sri Lanka or abroad who earn income in foreign exchange

  • Banks acting in fiduciary capacity on behalf of the above categories

How does it work

  • Remittances to the TIERA D would automatically be converted at the prevailing exchange rate to Sri Lankan rupees and can be invested in treasury bills

  • Upon maturity, interest and maturity proceeds can be repatriated in any designated currency to the account specified by you.

Credits to TIERA D

  • Inward remittances received through banking system

  • Sale proceeds realized out of sale or maturity proceeds of treasury bills or bonds and any income realized by way of capital gains

  • Interest received on treasury bonds

Debits to TIERA D

  • Payments for investment in treasury bills or bonds

  • Outward remittances of sale proceeds, maturity proceeds and interest of treasury bills or bonds or any income realized by way of capital gain

  • Local expenses incurred by you

  • Payments to lead managers and bank charges

What is the minimum investment amount for Sri Lankan diaspora and migrants

  • Individuals - USD 10,000/- or equivalent

  • Others - USD 100,000/- or equivalent

What types of treasury bills foreign investors can purchase

Eligible investors can purchase, sell or discount treasury bills with a maximum maturity period of 12 months.

Interest and maturity proceeds

Maturity proceeds and interest on treasury bills are credited on due dates directly to your TIERA D account.

Terms & conditions apply

Details and terms & conditions mentioned in this page may change from time to time

Please contact the nearest branch for prevailing details and terms & conditions